For Vivacom

Racom NT is one of the main subcontractors for Vivacom

For Mobiltel

1998 - till now
Since 1998 until now – for Mobiltel - Racom NT has built:

Ericsson Bulgaria

Since 2011 for Ericsson Bulgaria we have installed for Ericsson Bulgaria

Nokia Solutions and Network

2011 - 2014
For Nokia Solutions and Networks Racom NT EOOD has installed GSM base stations

Alcatel - Lucent Bulgaria

2008 - 2010
For Alcatel – Lucent Bulgaria Racom NT EOOD has installed:


2005 -2008
Since 2005 up to 2008, Racom NT EOOD has installed:

BTC - GSM mobile operator (Vivatel)

After the penetration of BTC (Vivatel) as a third mobile operator, Racom NT has :

TV Distribution

We participated actively with the largest share in the digitization of the air TV distribution


The process begins in 2001 with the building from Racom NT of network with MPEG - 2 digital encoders

VSAT Systems

Racom NT EOOD is the first company that completed projects, built and supported VSAT systems

DON (Digital Overlay Network)– LOT3

We have installed and put into operation the entire Digital, SDH and PDH, microwave transmission network of BTC

Satellite Earth Station for Satellite Connections

Racom NT EOOD received excellent references and special thanks for its professional and high quality work