Huawei Technologies Bulgaria

2011 till now

For Huawei Bulgaria, since 2011 up to now, Racom NT has installed:

  • Digital Microwave Links  more than 360 hops installed, configured, tested and integrated to the network of Vivacom and more than 200 hops installed, configured, tested and integrated to the network of Globul. 

  • New 3G installations – more than 60 sites expanded with newly installed, commissioned and integrated 3G technology to the network of Vivacom.

  • ORION Project - Racom NT participated as Huawei main subcontractor in the most intense project in Europe in 2015 – Bulgaria Globul Renovation Project. For just 9 months:

       – 540 sites swapped , both 2G and 3G technology. Average 30 sites per week.

      – More than 600 MW links installed, commissioned and integrated in the Telenor Bulgaria network.

               – 400 TSSRs prepared.

  • Racom NT participated in the Telenor project as a main sub-contractor for Tower Reinforcement too.

    –  65 sites were reinforced, adding additional metallic constructions, concrete panels and metallic ropes. Different site types were covered – Telemob 30, Telemob 35, CSS, FCW, Spider, etc 

    –  Detailed Site Design and receiving Build Permit and Permit for use - more than 80 detailed designs have been prepared and more than 20 Build Permits have been provided until august 2015. The process is still ongoing.

For its participation in this project and contributing to its successful implementation and completion on time, Racom NT received  the best cooperative award of Huawei

  • VIVACOM SRAN - as a subcontractor of Huawei Technologies Bulgaria Racom NT participates in the new project of Vivacom. The project includes over 2500 sites and is intended to be completed by August 2017.

    – Swapp out of whole 2G and partially of 3G equipment of Vivacom Network, with a new one, supplied by Huawei Technologies.

    – installation of 4G equipment.