Satellite Earth Station for Satellite Connections


Racom NT EOOD has built (within the DON project of BTC plc, LOT 4) the “Shipka” National Earth Station for Satellite Connections near the village of Plana, considered by the specialists to be the pearl of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company. The station includes two high technology satellite systems, using antennas with diameter 18,2 m. These satellite stations accomplish high speed telecommunications exchange (telephone connections, television programs, data transmission and Internet connections) respectively between the USA and Canada, Africa, Japan, Australia and India via INTELSAT satellites, located over the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. The Satellite Station was delivered, built, set up and submitted over to BTC within the contracted time schedule. 

Racom NT EOOD received excellent references and special thanks for its professional and high quality work under this responsible and difficult project by the American company Satellite Transmission Systems, with whom BTC was in contract relationship for the import of the equipment.